About the Arctic Challenge

The Arctic Challenge is a tour for passenger cars through Scandinavia, where priority is given to the unique driving experience of the participants. In addition, it is a nice test for yourself, your teammate and for the vehicle to see how you cope with fatigue, setbacks and comradeship under arctic conditions that you will not find in the Netherlands. Another charm is that many teams use this tour to collect money for their chosen charity. However, driving for a charity is not compulsory and everyone is free to make his/her own choice.

The Drive
The Arctic Challenge Tour is mainly about navigating, finding the best route, teambuilding and careful driving. The Arctic Challenge Tour is a challenge for a team of two persons where you cross the whole of Scandinavia and can encounter extreme conditions. Speed does not have to a criterion; the distances of the legs are sometimes so long that you continue driving day and night so that your perseverance is put to the test. Often under conditions with a lot of snow, extremely slippery roads and temperatures well below zero (up to minus 40 degrees is possible). Obviously, your vehicle must be prepared for such conditions. As a team, you are responsible for the participating vehicle and you decide yourself what equipment you need. Perhaps you could take snow chains or studded tyres with you? Will you drive using diesel or petrol?

In other words:

Do not expect The Arctic Challenge Tour to be a holiday trip where a lot of scope and time is made available for visiting tourist attractions. In eight days, between 6,000 and 7,000 km will be travelled to a destination beyond the Arctic Circle. Most of the Tour will entail driving over snow and ice, and you can find yourself in very harsh conditions. There is also a rest day on which all teams can participate in a winter activity and a special stage can also be organised. The Arctic Challenge Tour consists of a number of legs. Using clever navigation, the most ideal route must be found whilst observing the legal traffic regulations. In addition, there will be a number of special stages that, as a result of the final position of every leg, will indicate the final ranking. Beforehand, the participants will not be aware of which route will be driven. The organisation determines the number and lengths of the legs. Shortly before the start, each team will be given a first checkpoint. Every leg consists of a number of checkpoints. Based on these checkpoints, you determine the route to be driven yourself. The checkpoints are communicated to the teams via the so-called BACKOFFICE. As a participant, you can then find the checkpoints on roadmaps and/or enter them into a navigation system or laptop with a route planner. You then calculate the shortest or fastest route to the checkpoint.


The Arctic Challenge Tour is not a race. It is a challenge. It requires skill, good navigation and anticipation. The participants are obliged to observe the maximum speed limit of the relevant country. Of course, the Tour is competitive. The competitive element consists of finding the most ideal route and completing a leg in the fastest possible time and/or the shortest possible distance. In this respect, the local speed limits must, of course, be observed. The organisation checks for violations of the maximum speed limit. Serious or repeated violation of the maximum speed limit, results in disqualification for the relevant leg and for the final ranking. A trace and track system from Itmobile.nl monitors the route driven and the speeds attained. This equipment is installed in every vehicle and enables the BackOffice to accurately track each team. Moreover, the people staying at home, interested parties, and participants can all see the actions of the teams, since you can be tracked live via the Internet. The BackOffice takes action if a team experiences problems.

Date of Event
The Arctic Challenge Tour 2021 will take place from 9th to 17th January 2021 inclusive.