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The Arctic Challenge is a tour for passenger cars through Scandinavia, with the primary aim of highlighting the unique driving experience of the participants. Additionally, it is a great test for yourself, your teammate and your vehicle. You can see how you deal with tiredness, challenging situations and team spirit under Arctic conditions that are rare in the Netherlands. A charming aspect is that many teams use this tour to collect donations for a charity of their choice. This is by no means mandatory. Everyone makes a personal choice on this.

A team is two persons only

Do not expect the Arctic Challenge Tour to be a holiday trip with plenty of time and space for visiting sights. The teams drive 6,000 to 7,000 km in eight days, crossing the Arctic circle to arrive at a North Pole destination. The tour mainly consists of driving across ice and snow, and you may be confronted with extreme conditions. There is a resting day. However, all teams may participate in a winter activity and an additional leaderboard challenge. The Arctic Challenge Tour stretches across a number of legs. You are expected to use smart navigation to find the ideal route, always observing all traffic regulations. There will be additional leaderboard challenges that will count towards the final score for each leg, and eventually towards the final ranking. The participants do not know in advance which route they will be driving. The organisation determines the number of legs and the distance of each leg. Just before the start, each team is given the first checkpoint. Each leg may consist of several checkpoints. Based on these checkpoints, you will determine the route you want to use. The checkpoints are communicated to the teams by the ‘BackOffice’. The participants can find the checkpoints on road maps, and/or enter them into a navigation system or laptop with a route planner. You then decide on the quickest or shortest route to the checkpoint.


If you want to win a great trophy, you need to score the maximum points on both the legs and the challenges.

This Challenge offers easy entry in many respects: eight days on the road, no visa required, use your own car and minimal tuning. This is a short Challenge that you should in principle be able to complete with any MOT-certified car with winter tyres. Winter tyres are mandatory in most countries and indispensable in the far North. We also strongly recommend filling up with extreme cooling fluid and if you have them, bring beamers to affix to the bumper. If you want to take extra precautions, you could even consider mixing some anti-freeze in the oil (60/40 ratio). This would protect up to about minus 50 degrees Celsius. Wiper fluid would protect to about minus 65 degrees Celsius. Extra (gel) battery. Tyres with winter properties, option to mount spikes. Silicone spray for door rubbers to prevent doors from freezing stuck. Starter and door spray. Treat windows with Rain Off coating against icing before you leave. That’s just about the car. For yourself: please remember to bring thermal clothing, a warm sleeping bag and, not-to-forget, a bottle of Berenburg Jenever.

The 2021 entry fee is € 5,495 per team including hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch (during the two resting days/activities only), dinner, activities.

Fuel, ferry tickets and toll fees are at your own expense.

Yes, you surely can!

There are various options, such as on TV (RTL7). For example, this programme is supported by: (your logo, text), but also as your logo on the cars or on banners at the start and finish.

Please feel free to call for more information.

M: +31653170188
M: +31655814994

All teams are personally invited for a meeting on (not yet known for 2021).

Location is as yet unknown. Each team will receive a personal invitation.

We got the idea in 2000 during a Cape to Cape car tour challenge, a 14-day monster tour. However, we thought this tour was too long. That’s when we started organising the Arctic Challenge. The Arctic Challenge Tour is mainly about navigating, finding the smartest route, team building and sensible driving. The Arctic Challenge Tour is a challenge for two-person teams, crossing all of Scandinavia, probably through extreme conditions. Speed in itself is not a criterion; however, the distances of the legs are sometimes so long that the teams drive day and night. That requires perseverance. Teams will often have to deal with snow, ice, slippery roads and temperatures that drop far below zero (up to minus 40 degrees Celsius is possible). Clearly, your vehicle must be adequately prepared for these conditions. As a team, you are responsible for the vehicle you use and your equipment. Are you bringing snow chains or spikes? Do you use diesel or regular fuel?

The short answer is: The Arctic Challenge is an impulse challenge that is weakened if we would be giving teams a whole year to fit winter tyres. No. This is one you see and then go for it! Just like the Challenge itself, the registration process is quick.

To give you an idea: In Stockholm, Sweden, the sun rises at 08:33 and sets at 14:48.

No world news, but any body part can freeze in extreme cold. The body parts that are most prone to freezing are ears, hands, nose and toes. Even your eyes can freeze. The freezing process starts at -15 degrees Celsius. In brief: stay alert during the trip.

During the time that our tyres are tasting the Scandinavian iced asphalt, the temperature statistics show fluctuations between minus 5 and minus 2 degrees, with outliers of minus 40 degrees. So, make sure you have warm thermal clothing with you.

The total distance amounts to 6,000 to 7,000 km. The shortest day driving is approximately 800 km and the longest day/night drive is about 2,400 km. The distances fluctuate; most are over 800 km. We will spend most days in Finland.

This includes amazing natural areas, snowy and iced roads straight through Scandinavian forests, ice-covered lakes and mountains.

In 3-star and 4-star hotels, including breakfast and dinner

Yes, a checklist is available from the following link: click here

A maximum of 35 teams can register for the Arctic Challenge.

You can view it Sticker Car2021

It is not mandatory to promote a charity. All teams are free to make their own decision on this.

RTL7 will highlight the Arctic Challenge Tour in two of its broadcasts. And there will be plenty of social media attention on Facebook, Twitter etc., and regional TV stations.

Yes. Snowmobiling is always subject to policy excess. Always check your snowmobile on any damage before you start). This is anywhere between 500 and 950 euros.